I acquired my first TC (2569) in 11/00, having wanted one for some 50 years. The impetus to finally get off my duff and start looking for one came from catching "Battle of Britain" on TV. Christopher Plummer drove one in the movie and I could wait no longer.

I got this first car on EBay. It had a frame up restoration about 20 years ago, and was a first place winner at the 1982 AACA. At present, the car is in fair shape, but nothing to be proud of. Then Bill Harkins decided to sell his magnificent, newly restored 7382 and I could not pass up this opportunity for instant gratification. So I went from zero to two TC's in just several months. Now that I have a beauty to drive, the tired one has begun a frame up restoration. While it's doubtful that It will match Bill's act, I am going to give it a real effort.

Regards, Stan Kurzet