I bought the car after purchasing a 1948 license plate to commemorate the year of my birth and it became apparent that I would need a vehicle to attach it to. In my youth I read and re-read "The Red Car" and always wanted a TC.

The car was owned by an older doctor for many years who used it mostly to take his grandchildren for ice cream. Years before it suffered a "restoration" at the hands of those less than interested in doing a proper job. The tub was mostly bondo and roof flashing and the lower timbers had been replaced with wood other than ash. I built a new tub and did all the body, paint, and mechanical work myself, the only tasks being sent out were some engine machine work and chrome plating. While the car is not yet completed I hope to use it sparingly and take my grandchildren for ice cream. It has a place of honor between my Morgan and my Mini! I want to thank all those on the tabc list who answered my questions and provided advise.

Then almost finished after about 6 years of work, all done by myself including a new body tub, body work, paint, and mechanical work. Still more to do, but then they are never quite finished.

Steve Stierman