Summer 98, Cardigan Bay, Dovey Valley


The entrance to Stowe School - June 98


TC 0269 next to a friends YA at Gaydon Motor Heratage Centre - August 98


A nice TF, but what´s under the bonnet? (MG A TwinCam!) - Gaydon 98

Silverstone 98 - TC plus optional extras!


"T time for T types" - EUY 455 at MGCC T Register Rebuilt



TC 0269 in lightweight form, as it was in June 1996. I thought that I would smarten up the body work a bit and give it a quick re-spray. I kept on saying that it wasn´t going to be a chassis up rebuilt.
I was wrong!
The ash frame was a little worse for wear after 50 years. Now, I often feel a little worse for wear after 50 years, but its a bit more difficult to replace worn out bits on a human body (and possibly even more expensive than parts for a TC).