Im an old guy 75 plus years and holding. I live on an Island on the west coast of Canada along with my wife and a flock of Jacobs sheep.

I started as an Air Frame Mechanic with the RCAF (1952 to 1957) then took up architectural drafting and design for the next forty years. Somewhere in there I managed to support five kids.

TC6680 came to Canada from England in the early 1970s and I bought her in 1978.

I have all the documentation and repair receipts since 1961. I have no idea where the car was prior to 1961. It has the Made in England plate on the battery box so I assume it was exported somewhere outside of England and then came back.

The wood frame was rotted out along with the usual rust/ bondo combination. I cut and fitted all the wood framing along with repairing or replacing and leading all the metal along with building two houses.

Finished the TC three years ago and now am putting back in shape a 73 MGB using parts from a 69MGB that I messed around in till it fell apart around me.

Stan Teitge