TC0999 was manufactured in June 1946 for the Home market (UK), with some modifications for use by Hertfordshire Police. The car was first registered as GUR 220 to the Chief Constable. Its history following police service is uncertain. The log book was lost and the car re registered in August 1989 as RSU 772. Chassis and engine numbers match production records.

I purchased the car in August 2001. The car was driveable, the chassis and ash frame in good condition, and the bodywork mostly rust-free. The car has many original components, some specific to its police heritage, and different to a standard TC. These include a larger than usual bulge in the left side of the bonnet, different positions on the bulkhead for a larger battery box, tool box, ignition coil and fuel pump, and a high-ratio differential.

A body-off restoration was completed in 2012, respecting originality where possible. Police regalia have been omitted. Efforts to reinstate the original registration number have been unsuccessful.

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Tim Jackson