The images look very nice, which is a bit misleading! I bought the car in 1976 when I returned from a 2-year company posting in the UK. It was a runner, but a bit shabby. I used it for many years and every time I had to go to the UK or the USA on business, I brought back spares for the eventual rebuild.

I am now retired (early!) and have added a large double garage at the back of my house here at the coast which gives me the space to store my vintage Norton motorcycles and to start on the TC. As I slowly take it apart, I find more and more wrong with it and will have to spend a great deal of time getting it back into decent condition. I am a little bit of a purist, so it will be done as correctly as I can manage.

Last 3 photos: 10 months down the road and there is some progress with the rebuild - target date for completion is before September 2010 when we have a big MG gathering in a town about 100 miles away!

Tony Lyons-Lewis