TC 2481 at its first outing after 37 years of dormancy. I finished three years of a bare chassis restoration the morning of June 3 just in time to take it to the local British Car Club's annual show that afternoon. TC 2481 is a home model, purchased in 1956 by Whitney Blake when he was at Oxford University for a year. He brought it back to the US and drove it regularly back and forth from New York City and New Haven, Connecticut, until 1969 when, needing a major overhaul, it was put on blocks in a backyard garage in Sharon, Connecticut. It sat until 2000, when Whitney's son, one of my sons-in-law, let me have it. I brought it to Louisville, put it in my garage, and, when I retired in 2003, started its restoration. I should add that the help of tabc-ers was crucial in finding sources and solving problems.

I have come full circle, as the first sports car I owned, in 1956-59 when I was in college, was a 1948 TC. I have always loved the TC's classic simplicity of design and unique driving experience.

Tom Pike