When I was a boy our family doctor always came with a green TC when someone in our little village Limberg near Zurich/Switzerland was ill. Since that time, around 1953, this small MG with the big wheels was the car I dreamed about. It looked much sportier than my fathers green Volkswagen 1951, the first car in the village. Some 40 years later I decided to buy my first vintage car and it should be a Jaguar XK 120. This car in a good condition was finally too expensive for me (and my family...), so I decided to buy an MG A "the poor man's Jag" as one said here in Switzerland. I spent a good time with this black beauty but I had to sell it after some years because we didn't have enough space in our garage anymore. Last year, living in a new house, I bought a TC, my long time dream car, a year younger than I myself (July 1949, Chassis 9166, XPAG B 68595, dark blue). The car was bought by a Swiss doctor in 1980 from its British owner, Mr. C.D. Armour, Sanderstead, Surrey and imported from England to Switzerland. It has been fully restored in Zurich by R. Wild 1982. It has a rebuilt engine 1978 and later got a beige trim by Wm. M. Collingburn, Richmond, North Yorkshire.

Wolf Frei