Oldtimer Ralley (only for cars before 1949) taken in Bad Ischl in Austria at the beginning of Sept. 2000



Approx. ten years ago I saw on TV an english movie about young people and they were driving a MG TC. In this movie i saw for my first time a MG TC and i was enraptured of this car.

Now since March 1998 im a proud MT TC owner. I bought my TC in Germany in Kelheim near Regensburg. This was the 4. TC, which i have inspected. I drove more than 6000 km crisscross through Germany to find a MG TC. In AUSTRIA its not possible to find a MG TC. I think there are approx. 10 to 20 TCs in Austria, but not more, and all this TCs have an owner.

My TC is in a good technical and optical condition but not a show car. (i can give him the condition note 2 to 3) He is painted in wine red and has a beige interior decoration. Some parts of the TC are not 100 % original. For example he has not the original shock absorbers, on all axles there are fitted the non original telescope absorbers. In the next years i want to make a complete 100 % restoration on my TC. (body off restoration) Therefore im allways looking for spare parts ! In Dec. 98 i got from Mr. Terry Bone (GB) a pair of original front axle shock absorbers. Now im looking for a pair for the rear axle. Is it possible to get new absorbers for the TC ?

My car was since summer 1949 in Soth Africa and came back to Germany at the end of the eigthies. I dont know nothing about the time Nov. 47 to summer 49. Could it be possible, that the car was not running in this time and the first owner was in South Africa ? Is it possible to find out the original colour and interior of my TC, how was it delivered on 26th of Nov. 1947 ? This could be important for the restoration in the next years!

The car was moved in the last 8 years in Germany for not more than 200 km. Now i purchased the car in march 98 and drove more then 1600 km in seven month. At the moment my TC is standing in the garage, because we have winter time and its not advisable to move the TC in winter. We have snow, mud, and salt on the roads, therefore its better to have the TC in a dry garage. But in spring i will carry out my TC for new tours. In Austria we have alot of nice mountain streets like in switzerland where it makes a lot of fun to move such a wonderful fantastic car.

For winter time i have another old car, which makes also a lot of fun ! For this time i use my 1942 Willys Overland Jeep MB, which is in a very excelent original restored condition. I think an old car should have the chance to run on roads and not to stay in garages or show rooms.

Wolfgang Thaller