Special Files Listing

tc-crank.jpg Andrew Bradley´s XPAG oil seal modification (crank)
tc-journal.jpg Andrew Bradley´s XPAG oil seal modification (main journal)
tc-seal.jpg Andrew Bradley´s XPAG oil seal modification (one complete
tc-seal.txt Andrew Bradley´s Description of the modification
tcs-forever-index.pdf Walter´s index for the book “TCs Forever” by Mike Sherrell
as PDF file
tcs-forever-ind.txt and as ASCII text file
distrib.txt Clive Sheriff´s table on usual distributors for MG T models
how-to-be.pdf “How to be an MG engines Expert” by Neil Cairns Book (big
file 154 pages: 6,2 MB)
mg-tc-colours-v2.1.xls Michael Card´s Colour Descriptions as Excel file — you need
Microsoft Excel
mg-tc-colours-v2.1.pdf Michael Card´s Colour Descriptions as PDF file
luvax-girling rebuild.doc Terrance Van Parys´ Damper Rebuilt Descr. (MS Word format)
David Irwin´s addition (MS Word format)
cooling the T.doc by Skip Burns
stop oil leaks.doc by Skip Burns
spring bushings in a TC.doc
by Carl Fritz
taxdisc.jpg Information on old tax discs reproductions
tabc list steering.pdf by Clive Sherriff
tcoc-concours-judging.pdf provided by Darryl Robins
enginebuildrecord.doc Stan Edwards´ suggestion for the engine rebuilt data
MG_RD Mag_small.pdf TC featured in Road and Track October 1956
Maskboard for
under cowl.jpg
TABC maskboard for under the cowl by Bob Alley
45_TC_Motor_review.pdf “45 TC Motor Review” reprint submitted by Bob Stein
Car_Collector_10_80.pdf TC cover story from the October 1980 “Collector Car magazine” submitted by Bob Stein (6.8 MB)
TC_Roadtest_MT10_49.pdf October 1949 “Motor Trend” magazine had a feature road test on the TC, subm. by Bob Stein
TC_Racers_MT10_49.pdf October 1949 “Motor Trend” first all-foreign auto race in California, photos of TCs racing, subm. by Bob Stein
TC MOTORING GUILD OWNERS 1960.pdf TC Motoring Guild owners list from 1960
TC Provenance_List.pdf TC Provenance List — maintained by Bob Stein (Updated 12 July 2019)
Life_MG TC_Craze January 10, 1949 issue of LIFE magazine
TC Road and Track Article 11/61 TC Road and Track Article from Nov. 1961
TC in 2/67 Car and Driver magazine feature on the TC from the 2/67 Car and Driver magazine
TC in “Classic and Sports Car” TC from Classic and Sports Car Magazine



TC Roadtest 1 TC.pdf
TC Roadtest 2 TC1.pdf
TD Roadtest 1 TD.pdf
TD Roadtest 2 TD1.pdf
TF Roadtest 1 TF.pdf
TF Roadtest 2 TF1.pdf