Special Files Listing

MG TC Provenance List TC Provenance List – maintained by Bob Stein
(Updated 27 May 2020)
TCs Forever! Index Walter´s index for the book “TCs Forever” by Mike Sherrell
TCs Forever! Index (ASCII) and as ASCII text file
distrib.txt Clive Sheriff´s table on usual distributors for MG T models
How To Be An Engine Expert on MGs by Neil Cairns Book (154 pages)
MG TC Colours v2.1 Michael Card´s Colour Descriptions as Excel file
MG TC Colours v2.1 Michael Card´s Colour Descriptions as PDF file
Luvax Girling Rebuild Terrance Van Parys´ Damper Rebuilt Description (MS Word format)
Luvax Girling Rebuild Addition David Irwin´s addition (MS Word format)
Cooling The T by Skip Burns
Stop Oil Leaks by Skip Burns
Rear Spring Bushings in a TC by Carl Fritz
Tax Discs Information on old tax discs reproductions
TABC List Steering by Clive Sherriff
TCOC Concours Judging provided by Darryl Robins
Engine Build Record Stan Edwards´ suggestion for the engine rebuilt data record
MG RD Mag small TC featured in Road and Track October 1956
Maskboard for under cowl TABC maskboard for under the cowl by Bob Alley
45 TC Motor Review “45 TC Motor Review” reprint submitted by Bob Stein
Car Colllector Magazine TC Story – 1980 TC cover story from the October 1980 “Collector Car magazine” submitted by Bob Stein
1949 Motor Trend MG TC Road Test October 1949 “Motor Trend” magazine had a feature road test on the TC, subm. by Bob Stein
1949 Motor Trend TC Racers October 1949 “Motor Trend” first all-foreign auto race in California, photos of TCs racing, subm. by Bob Stein
TC MOTORING GUILD OWNERS 1960 TC Motoring Guild owners list from 1960
Listed with permission from TC Motoring Guild
1949 Life magazine MG Midget Craze January 10, 1949 issue of LIFE magazine
1961 TC Road and Track Article TC Road and Track Article from Nov. 1961
1967 Car and Driver Magazine TC Feature Feature on the TC from the 2/67 Car and Driver magazine
2009 Classic and Sports Car TC Article TC from Classic and Sports Car Magazine



TC Roadtest 1 TC.pdf
TC Roadtest 2 TC1.pdf
TD Roadtest 1 TD.pdf
TD Roadtest 2 TD1.pdf
TF Roadtest 1 TF.pdf
TF Roadtest 2 TF1.pdf