Technical Articles

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Thoughts on Torque & Tightening for Critical Fasteners (WS Hyatt, June 2014)

TC´s Heater (Art King)

Boot enlargement for the TC (Walter Prechsl)

More storage space (Jim Buell)

The Lead-Free Petrol Question (John Rowland)

Tribology (A. J. S. Skinner)

TC console (Jim Shade)

TC radiator badges (Ben Cordsen)

Trailering in a TC

Wrench (Spanner) Sizes (Sally Carroll)

TC fuel dipstick (Darryl Robins)

Seat Belts (Tony Goodall)

TC Safety Check— PDF file (TC Motoring Guild and Mike Goodman)

UNF and ANF Threads (Sally Carroll)

Interchangable Parts List (Bill Hyatt/Bob Sleeper) – PDF file


Andrew Bradley´s XPAG oil seal

Some Details of the Chevy Rear Seal Conversion on a XPAG engine (David Edgar)

Chevy 350 Rear-Main Oil Seal MG-T Series Installation (Ben Prince)

Manfred Jaegers waterpump impeller

Piston modification

Peter Pleitner´s TC Heatshield

Torque Values on XPAG engines


The hidden water passage in XPAG engines (Gene Gillam and John Seim)

Converting the Replacement TA,B,C air filter to a K&N element (Ray McCrary)

Bob Grunau´s Flywheel Lightening

Nissan Valves for the XPAG (Harry Pyle)

Tappets Information (Gene Gillam/Moss)

Cooling System (Jeff Redman)

Slow running control (Madhu Paroor)

Carburettor Linkage (David Lodge)

The TC Exhaust System (Doug Pelton)

Valve Adjustment (Jerry Austin)

The XPAG Cooling System (Gene Gillam)

Cam Lobe and Lifter Base Wear (Bill Hyatt)


The XPAG / XPEG Distributor (Bob Grunau)

Lucas Distributor Catalog (Submitted by Gene Gillam)


The TC Carburettors (Mark Stolzenberg)

TA/TB Fuel Switch (Jeff Redman)

TC air cleaner — second solution (Joe Douglass)

New Fuel sender unit the second (Peter Stiller)

SU Fuel Pump Articles (Link to Dave DuBois´ web site)

Overhaul of the SU Fuel Pump (Cliff Knight)

Gearbox and Axles

Panhard Rod (by F. Remiger/W. Prechsl)

TC spindles repair(Peter Pleitner)

Pumpkin time (TATerry)

Diff. housing repair

TC Rear Axle Oil Bushing Removal

Castellated Nut for Rear Axle (Joe Gates)

TA Lubrication (Ian Linton)

Wire wheel rebuild (Terry Horlick)

The TC Gearbox (Rick Storms)

Rebuilding the TC Gearbox (Rick Storms)

Inserting Balls into a TA Synchro Hub (Bob Butson)

Fitting a New Rear Axle Oil Thrower without Dismantling the Axle (Cliff Knight)

Oil thrower bushings removal (Philip W. May)

The TC Front End (Jim Buell)


Carl Cederstrands brookland screens fixing

Luvax-Girling Rebuild (Terrance J. vanParys)

Luvax-Girling Rebuild Addition (David Irwin)

The TC scuttle mask board (Joe Brister)

TC Body Bolts (Terry O´Brien)

Tips on Gas Tank Sending Unit and Steering Wander (Peter Roberts)

Bonnet Holder (Mark Stolzenburg)

Body Screws and brakets (Chris Oswald)

Summary of TC Clips (Doug Pelton)

Hood and Screens

TC Rear Window Dimensions

Fitting a TA Hood (Cliff Knight)

Sidescreen Stowage (from TD manual)

Triplex Glass Windscreen (Doug Pelton) — PDF

Folding the TC Hood (Jim Crandall)


John Stones walnut steering wheel

MG steering wheels (Ben Cordsen)

Bishop cam steering overhaul (from prewar “The Autocar”)


Phil Marino´s main brake cylinder nut

Michael Card´s TC Handbrake Oiler

Some Principles on Brake Fluids (Wim Jetten)

Master cylinder wrench (Joe Gates)

Twin leading Brake Shoe Conversion (Jeff Redman)

Brake springs (Madhu Paroor)

TA/B/C Brake Master Cylinder Restoration (Ian Linton)

VW Dual Circuit Master Cylinder Conversion for the MG TC (Jim Buell)


Steve Taylors turn signal modification

John Stones rear signal solution

Halogen bulbs

Gene Gillam´s Brake Lights

Installation of Direction Indicators (W. J. Stubgen)

TC EXU Dash Wiring (George Arbor)

Modern Turn Signal Relay (David Edgar)

Lucas Color Codes (Sally Carroll)

Electrical modifications (Peter Meyer)

Altette Horn (Cliff Knight sent by permission of Lucas)

Instructions on how to properly and easily check the charging system —
Lucas dynamos and voltage regulators
(By Al Moss, 1981)

Lucas Generator and Control Box Tests (Factory Publication, Fifth edition, Printed 1963)

MG TC Electrical Circuits (Rick Storms)

MG TC Electrical Circuits EXU Supplement (Rick Storms)