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Instruction Manual for the Midget (Series "T") The MG Car Company Reproduction of the original TA Manual 93 1936
Instruction Manual
for the MG TC

The MG Car Company

order no. AKD 663

Original Manual



reprint from 12/67

Preliminary Instructions
for the Maintenance of the MG Midget

The MG Car Company


"M.G. Technical Literature L.5"


* Getting The Car Registered And Insured
* The Layout Of The Controls And Switches
* Warming Up
* On The Road For The First Time
* Running-In
* Lubrication
* Filling The Radiator And Topping Up The Reserve Tank For The Brakes
* Carburetors, Sparking Plugs And Value Clearances
* Tyres And Wheels
* Batteries And Electrical Equipment
* 500 Mile Free Service
18 Issue 2 December, 1947

Blower, W.E.

The MG Workshop Manual

Robert Bentley, Cambridge, Mass. A complete restoration guide from M-Type to TF 1500,
very comprehensive
600 1970

Clarke, A.M.

MG TC 1945-1949

Brookland Books A collection of original car magazines articles/test reports about the TC 100 ?

Clausager, Anders Ditlev

Original MG T Series

Bay View Books A very complete and informative book for the T-Type collector, many photogr. details of all T-Types 103 1989

Clausager, Anders Ditlev

Essential MG T Series and Pre-War Midgets

Bay View Books History on car development, many detail photos, informative for the T-Type collector 80 1995

Green, Malcolm

MG T Series Restoration Guide

Brookland Book Covering TA to TF 1500, only b/w photos, many engine and body rest. infos, engine tuning 156 1993

Harvey, Chris

The Immortal T Series


The Oxford Illustrated Press Ltd.

0 902280 46 5

The best until Mike Sherrell's book. 240 1977 + 2nd ed.

Jackson, Donald

Your SU Companion

OCC/D. Jackson Collection of OCC articles, very useful 30 94

Legg, A.K.

SU Carburettors

Haynes very comprehensive manual for the carb. restoration and servicing, many b/w photos and drawings 126 1942/89

Monk, Richard

The MG Collection
Part I (pre war) and
Part II (post war)

Patrick Stevens Ltd./
MG Owners Club Ltd.
The best gallery for all MGs ever built, excellent color printing each 200 pg. 1994

Penberthy, Ian

Dream Machines - MG

Grange Books an imprint of Books & Toys Ltd The Grange Grange Yard London SE1 3AG

It is by far the best MG picture book I have seen, with lots of good photos from the original Morris Garages days through to the MGB. The whole range is well covered. (Dave Norris)

ISBN: 1-86527-093-9


Pyle, Deidre

Drive Them ´til the Roads Wear Out

Ironart, Attendale, WA

The story of a 7 month journey around the world including the 17,000 miles covered in the USA in a TC. "Their enthusiasm for driving their TC was outstanding and certainly in keeping with the Register's feelings." Dick Knudson.

ISBN: 0 646 18963 8

(discount order at Skip Kelsey!)

102 1994

Robson, Graham

The T-Series MGs

Motor Racing Pub. Ltd.

0 900549 51 3

Good pictures, history, production data 128 1980

New England MG T Register, R. Knudsen

The T Type Restoration Handbook

New England MG T Register Ltd.
Drawer 220
Oneonta, NY 13820
Contains practical information on almost every MG T area, essential information from the Sacred Octagon 170 1992

Knudson, Richard L.

The 'T' Series MG


Motor Cars Unlimited, Inc. Savannah, Georgia,

Lib. of Congress Catalog Card # 73-85005

Compedium of factory sales and promotion literature, from TA through TF. Good source for originality data. 256 1973

Schach, Horst

The Complete M.G. TD Restoration Manual

The New England T-Register, Ltd. recommended restoration guide for the TD - for us: XPAG restoration, many instructive photos 212 1996

Sherrell, Michael

TCs Forever

Sherrell, Michael

100 Coode St
South Perth
Western Australia 6151

The bible for TC owners, not cheep, but a must!
(additional index from Walter)

286 1990/93

Smith, Philip H.

Tuning and Maintainance of MG´s

Robert Bentley Inc. The book covers all the work necessary to maintain any good example of the breed produced between 1929 and 1954 and to restore a much-used model to its original mechanical perfection - wonderful source of information about the MPJG engine. 180 1952-1971

Thornley, John

Maintaining the Breed

Motor Racing Pub. Ltd.
in UK Amadeus Press, Ltd.


Great technical history of MGs developed to break land speed records. Good info on XPAG development potential.   1971, 4th ed. 1990

Wherry, Joseph H.

The MG Story

Chilton Book Co.

0 8019-5196-8

Good little history of all MGs and tech. specs 206 1967
3rd. Ed. 1973
The Complete MG Series

Scientifiic Publications, Sydney, AU
Nat.Lib.Aust. AUS 68-2440

Covering TC through MGB   1970

Malcolm Green

MG Sports Cars

Colour Library Direct Comprehensive illustrated history - superb picture quality but scant coverage of our cars 160 1997

Mike Allison

The Magic of the Marque

Dalton Watson The most comprehensive history. Superb collection of factory photos of early cars 327 1989

Edited by Peter Haines and Jean Cook


Greenwich Editions The MG history by Kimber and other personalities. Chapters on Ts. Good read 176 1997

Philip Smith

Tuning and Maintenance of MG Cars

Haynes Books

ISBN 0-85429-098-2

Pretty much what it says -- procedures and specifications -- some photos. Includes OHC engines 1929-1936 and also T-Series pushrod engines 1936-1954 180  

Jonathan Wood

Restoration of Vintage and Classic Cars


Haynes Publishing Group

ISBN 0 85429 391 4

starts from how to select the right car for you to choose for restoration then works its way through restoration of all types of cars 278 1977, 1984

Chris Harvey

Great Marques MG


ISBN 0-7064-1844-1

History of MG, illustration of TA, beautiful illustrations 80  

Malcolm Green

MG - Britain's Favourite Sportscar

Haynes Books

ISBN 1-84425-120-2

Beautiful illustrations, technical info and Buying Hints for all models - up to date


Wilson McComb

MG by McComb

Osprey books Authoritative history of the marque - historical photos especially interesting - including pictures of the assembly line and a whole TA running chassis propped sideways against the wall to illustrate construction. 300  

Rivers Fletcher

MG Past and Present

Haynes Books

ISBN 0-85429-425-2

Personal view and comments from a lifetime of involvement in MG's with historical info and photos - chapter 11 about T-Types on the road and racing. 250  

Inside the Octagon:The story of MG 1921 - 1945

Pegasus Records Special feature on TA Interviews with Jean Cook, John Thornley and "Wilkie" Wilkinson - interesting history 60 mins  
Dismantling and rebuilding the XPAG engine

George and Peter Edney

MG Car Club (GB),

£ 12.00

Film of the lecture by the Edneys given to the club as they strip down and rebuild an XPAG engine -- a wealth of knowledge unmissable if you are going to venture beyond the dipstick

DVD format: PAL or NTSC

Service Manual for MG origin unclear TC to MGA, detailed specifications and instructions on dismantling and reassembly with service section and information on competition tuning 175  
From the Frame Up

by Doug Pelton

To purchase printed copy contact Doug at doug@fromtheframeup.com 

T-ABC member Doug Pelton's comprehensive reference for the TC, alphabetically organized for ease of searching, cross-referenced to Moss item numbers. It includes Tech Tips specific to part numbers, assembly order for many sections of the car, expanded descriptions for ease of parts identifications, points of originality, and choices for alternatives for those concerned with expense.
In pdf form available for downloading  http://fromtheframeup.com/catalog.aspx
MG Service Manual Scientific Magazines Publishing Co. Pty. Ltd.
Rockdale, N.S.W, Australia.
There are 25 pages on the TC and the information appears to be a condensed form of the "TC Instruction Manual." But, the first 8 pages contain "General Data, Dimensions, and Specifications" which aren't found in the "TC Instruction Manaul.   1957

Kenneth Ball

MG Midget TA-TF 1936-1955 Autobook

Autopress Ltd, Brighton, UK

A workshop manual for MG TA TB TC TD TF TF1500


156 December 1969 (second edition)

John Christy and Karl Ludvigsen

MG Guide

Sports Car Press
distributed by Crown Publishers, NY

Library of Congress Catalog number 58-7967

An MG book with information on the XPAG engine besides the MGA. It contains carb tuning and engine super tuning 125 1958 and 1964

Hagen Nyncke

MG -- Aus Liebe zum Sportwagen

MG -- The Love for Sports Cars

(in german language)

Copress-Verlag, Munich From Old Number One to the MGA, everything about sporting and racing 223 1999

Cloosterman, Cosmas & Jim Lensveld

MG -- de Gouden Jaren
(golden age of motoring)

Lisse, Zuidholland:
Rebo Productions

ISBN: 9036611431

This book is a great addition to the library, even if one doesn't speak the language.
Allan Chalmers
160 1999

Don Stanford

The Red Car

Buccaneer Books,
New York
Story of a teenage boy getting his TC and racing her. 250 1954

C. P. Davidson

M.G. Cars

Arthur Pearson Ltd. Practical Maintanance Guide covering all Models from 1938 195 1958

Philipp H.Smith A.M.I.Mech.E.

Tuning and Maintenance of M.G.s

G.T. & Co., LTD. Foulis

Push-rod O.H.V engines P type and TA to TF in detail, overhaul of S.U.carbs, supercharger installation and more

here is the complete PDF contents
of the book --
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80 1952

out of print

E. Alan Moss

This are the stories of his life, from playing with toy cars through tinkering with, restoring and racing sports cars.

A large part of his mid-life was devoted to horses.





The Service Parts List The MG Car Company Reproduction of the original illustrated TA/TB Parts List 76 1939

Wood, WKF

The XPAG Engine


data, service, supertuning --
recommended manual for the XPAG restorer

58 ?

Neil Cairns

How to be an Engine Expert on MGs

Neil Cairns himself

Overview and technical detail on all MG engines from 1935 to 1998

download the book as PDF file from "special files"
(electronic book - 6.3 MB)
with kindly permit of Niel Cairns

you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can get at www.adobe.com.

154 1998

Niel Cairns

XPAG Engines

Neil Cairns himself important informations for the XPAG restorer, a collection of magazine articles and other sources 80  

Stewart Penfound

Harry Lester, His Cars and The Monkey Stable

BR Books Describes in detail the evolution of Harry Lester's cars from MMM through MGTA and TC to his XPAG-engined Specials, a team of which achieved much racing success as The Monkey Stable. More info at www.lester-mg.co.uk 212 2015

TC EXU specifications

click on the page to get all 6 pages

MG Car Company





Further Small Manuals


Austin, Jerry

Tackling a TC



many infos for the body restorer

20 1986

Furneaux, Roger

The XPAG engine



many infos for the engine restorer


51 1986

James, Barrie




many infos for electric work on our cars


14 1986

Shorrocks supercharger


MGCC T-Reg.      
  Index of Technical Articles

The index is a list of all technical articles that have appeared in all of the T register publications, & Safety Fast. You can write in & get copies of any technical article that is listed.